Cafe Paradiso Tarrazú


Cafe Paradiso Tarrazú

The choice of many connoisseurs. Steep mountains, a rich volcanic soil and a privileged micro climate, plus the hard work of a few coffee lover farmers produce a unique blueish bean with a low grade of caffeine. Its unique features convince us to use beans only from this region for our Cafe Paradiso Tarrazú.

With these carefully selected and roasted beans we obtain a coffee cup with a fresh and delicious aroma, a sparkling, clean acidity and a full body with strong dark chocolate notes.

Cafe Paradiso Tarrazú

Roast: Medium Dark

Coffee: Tarrazu origin only

Flavor: Bright, Tangy, Crisp, Dark Chocolate notes

Grind: Drip / Filter, Whole bean

Bag: 12 oz

Organoleptic Description

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