Cafe Paradiso ShadeGrown


Cafe Paradiso Shadegrown

The beans used for our Cafe Paradiso Shadegrown come from small farms that are in the process of transition to organic coffee. Having virtually eliminated the use of fertilizers and agro chemicals,  these farms benefit from the growing secondary forest which fixates nitrogen to the soil and attracts migratory birds, which in turn help control pests and nourish the soil. These characteristics also make our Cafe Paradiso Shadegrown an environmentally, bird-friendly coffee.

The fact that the coffee plants grow under the shade, helps the ripening process to be slower, creating bigger and stronger beans, which causes the flavors to concentrate more deeply on bean. The result is a richer and complex cup of coffee with a strong aroma, a medium acidity and a robust body with evocative notes of moist soil and wood.

Cafe Paradiso Shadegrown

Roast: Medium Dark

Coffee: Organic Transition, Shade Grown

Flavor: Sunny, Earthy, Woody, Full

Grind: Drip / Filter, Whole bean

Bag: 12 oz

Organoleptic Description

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