Cafe Paradiso Espresso


Cafe Paradiso Espresso

Everybody knows that Costa Rican gourmet coffee produces the best espressos. Our Cafe Paradiso Espresso is a roast specially made for espresso machines. The coffee blend is the same we use for our Dark Roast: premium coffees, highly aromatic and with dark chocolate hints.  However, by giving a few more minutes in the roasting process, we managed to caramelize the sugars and cause their oils to surface. As a result we get a coffee cup with a delicious aroma, low acidity and a strong, silky body with notes of smoky wood. 

Cafe Paradiso Espresso

Roast: Espresso

Coffee: Blend

Flavor: Smoky, Deep, Bold, Silky, Spicy

Grind: Drip / Filter, Whole bean

Bag: 12 oz

Organoleptic Description

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